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Benevolence Is Back

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This summer our own Bob Taylor was privileged to be asked by the Current Chair of the AICPA to serve a 3 year term as a member of the Board of Trustees of the AICPA Benevolent Fund.  The Benevolent Fund is supported solely by the contributions of AICPA membership.  Currently, only approximately 5% of the members […]

New Tax Laws Affecting Small Businesses and Self-Employed Individuals

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Health insurance deduction reduces self-employment tax – Self-employed taxpayers who pay their own health insurance costs can now reduce their net earnings from self-employment by these costs for purposes of computing their self-employment tax. Previously, the self-employed health insurance deduction was allowed only for income tax purposes. Small business health care tax credit – This […]

An IRS Processing Delay Benefits a Taxpayer

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Suppose you knew you owed some tax. And suppose the IRS agreed that you owed the tax. Now suppose you paid the tax but the IRS returned the check and told you to keep the money. Would you: Faint? Pinch yourself? Look for a hidden camera? All of the above? That is essentially what the […]

990 Return – Turn a Burden into a Marketing Benefit

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Annual 990 Information Returns for Not-for-profit companys can be used as an effective marketing tool.